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CGI Zbrush Tutorial Layering Shaders by Eric Keller. Featued on

This tutorial talks about tricks you can use to layer ZBrush materials. By combing MatCap and Standard Materials you actually get the best of both worlds and you can make your models look even more spectacular.

I am a Visual Effects artist living and working freelance in Los Angeles California. I also teach digital sculpting at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects and I've written several books on Maya as well as articles for 3D World Magazine. Yes i am a 3D nerd. chec out my website for more info. After doing this stuff for 12 years or so I'm finally getting around to making my own movies. This vimeo site is essentially a record of my movie making process. This movie is a 3 minute all-CG meditaion on the nature of biodiversity. Inspired by the writings of E. O Wilson I am creating my own virtual ecosystem and populating it with my own creations. The final movie will be set to music composed by my brother Neal Keller. I hope you enjoy the movies and I really hope I actually finish making it! I will also put some video tutorials up here if I can.

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CGI ZBrush Tutorial HD "ZBrush Layering Shaders" by Eric Keller | CGI ZBrush Tutorial HD | CGMeetup



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