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FILM SYNOPSIS: The short in itself is a journey through various worlds some big some small, some fast and some slow with recurring pattern of sphere, circle, and loop. The look is stylized photorealistic rendering and the softwares used were manly Softimage, Maya, Nuke and Houdini.

ATMOSPHERE (2015) Sci-Fi, Suspence
Produced at NAD - UQAC Team - http://nad.ca  
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FILM CREDITS: Réalisation: Robin Tremblay, Direction Artistique, Layout, Concepts: Nicolas Noël Jodoin, Direction Photographique, Layout, Lighting: Olivier Lambert Rouillard, Direction Technique, Compositing: Cédric Tremblay, Direction de Production, Comp. / Colorisation: Raphaelle Jean-Weisz, Modeling, Texture, Shading (créatures): Cécile Roussel-Dupré, Modeling, Texture, Shading: Karina Cesta, Modeling, Texture, Shading: Véronique Comeau, Modeling, Texture, Shading, Matte Painting: Véronique Lévesque, Matte Painting, Concepts: Karlie Carpentier Rosin, Matte Painting, Concepts: Stephanie Lawrence, Animation, Rigging: Sébastien Brazeau-Riou, Simulation, FX: Leonardo Andres Grabau Villalba, Simulation, FX: Joan Sariol Lévy. Équipe Musicale: Compositeur, Concepteur sonore: Joel-Aimé Beauchamps, Compositeur: Philippe Bilodeau, Compositeur: Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux, Compositeur: Renaud Payant-Hébert. Compositeur: Olivier Pépin

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