Video Book Trailers Sell Books

Approximately sixty-four percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching video promotion, with marketing professionals reporting that video converts better than any other medium. Book trailers are great ways to gain instant attention, tempting visitors to look further and stay longer. Most readers won’t fully read the lengthy reviews and information that some websites try to share online. Instead, they want snappy information delivered with greater ease. These visitors therefore need to be fed details in a much more graphic medium, without inundating them with text, and that is why book trailers and video media are still on the rise.

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Over the last decade the publishing industry has shifted to print on demand models, self-publishing, digital books and it's become an even more competitive market. Today your four year old can publish a book, but will anyone buy it?, let alone know about it?

Traditional publisher may have been replaced by self-publishing solutions, however the challenge now is choosing the most effective advertising, promotions and public relations company that will make your book stand apart from billions of others and online promotion is the most effective. Unless you have an unlimited SEO and promotional budget, you should invest the time to learn how the pros do it.

Online promotion is the most effective and inexpensive promotion available for authors and artists and MAP implements and teaches its authors Guerilla Marketing tactics that Amazon, Best Buy, Apple, Nike and other large brands implement to drive traffic to newer products and sales. You must get the word of our book out across various social channels, create a blitz campaigns and flood the internet with press releases, tweets, instagram posts and video teasers of your book.

Video media and subsequently, book trailers, have become more and more popular, but are held with skepticism mostly due to poorly executed productions. Many authors put simple slideshows together themselves this gives many authors the advantage of being able to stand out from the crowd with a professional video. Mad Artist Publishing and MAP Entertainment produces hundreds of hours of professional content each year, from television production to e-learning videos and book trailers.

Book trailers bring your work to life in a way that many authors often dream about. They give readers a great impression of professionalism and much like a movie trailer are designed to visually stimulate. There are other options for video media apart from book trailers that authors can also consider. Anything from website introductions, readings, interviews or announcements can create an interactive feel and convert information into sales.

With visual elements on the internet bringing in far more attention than those websites without, book trailers can now play a huge role in your visibility online, and its ultimate success. It has been found that statistically the average internet user will remain on a website around eighty percent longer if there is a video to view. Videos have also seen the largest rise as a piece of sharable media, meaning your book trailer can be shared all over the world 24/7. If you are having trouble conveying the message of your book, or gaining the attention you feel it deserves, a book trailer may be a good option to explore.

Website introductions are just that, a short video, usually featuring the author, welcoming visitors to their website and speaking about their work. This can replace, or work alongside the text that usually appears on a website home page, giving visitors the option. Videos of this nature, much like book trailers should be around one minute in length. At that length, a video receives the highest amount of viewers watching until completion. One minute sounds like a very short window in order to get your message across, but you will be amazed how much can be communicated in this time.

This type of video media also has an added bonus of ‘meeting’ the author, which readers have always admitted to being intrigued about. Being able to put a face to the name and making your brand and website memorable has huge advantages for any future work, tempting visitors back again and again. And remember, it’s not just your website that can utilise video media; it can be shared across your entire online platform, including social media, as well as being played at book launches or other events.

There are many versions of book trailers, interviews or other forms of video media out there that have been put together poorly and unprofessionally, and like any piece of promotion, it needs to remain professional in order to gain the right attention and not deter from your work. It need not be expensive either; Mad Artist Publishing creates effective professional videos for as little as $195.

This explosive growth in video popularity is allowing authors to reach a huge audience, deepening that all important connection between author and reader and keeping your name at the forefront of their consideration.

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