Great marketing programs begin with clarity of Brand Purpose.

At Mad Artist Group of companies, we begin with clarifying your brand’s position and researching what matters most to your consumers. This strong foundation allows us to craft and execute compelling programs and campaigns which bring your brand to life, engaging consumers and driving results (awareness, trial, preference and purchase). Our group of companies Mad Artist Group, Mad Artist Publishing, MAP Entertainment bring your brand purpose to life. 

We bring your Brand Purpose to life.

Mad Artist Group of companies brings your brand purpose to life by carefully designing strategies, programs and selecting tactics that best serve the brand business objective. Program planning and execution is led by our in-house creative, seo and advertising experts, who leverage strong relationships with brand ambassadors, brand advocates and media including world's largest online newspaper and media community Huffington Post. We often work seamlessly with partners to deliver national, bilingual programs in Canada, the US and the world.

Our services include:

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