Kindle Conversion

If you're looking to convert your paperback to digital form, Mad Artist Publishing is here to help. Before proceeding, you must have a print-ready trade paperback book PDF. If you do not, consider upgrading to our other Editing Packages first.

With the Kindle Conversion service, we will do the heavy lifting for you by starting the conversion process once your paperback book is approved for sale. 

The Complex Kindle Conversion Service

  • Transforms your print-ready paperback into a Kindle eBook so your work can reach a new audience — Kindle eBook readers.
  • Reflects your original interior formatting and design as closely as possible to ensure that both the print and Kindle eBook versions of your work are consistent.
  • Creates Kindle eBooks that can be viewed in color on the Kindle Fire and Kindle Apps and in grayscale on all other Kindle devices.
  • Includes unlimited embedded links within your Kindle eBook.
  • Includes unlimited graphic elements such as images, formulas, diagrams, lists, etc.

What's The Cost

Once your PDF is ready, our kindle conversion service will convert all elements of your paperback as a Kindle eBook — including numerous graphic elements and links — and can be read on any Amazon Kindle reading device and all Kindle Apps.

The price of Kindle Conversion $249.00 - It does not include uploading the file to Amazon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Kindle eBook look exactly like my paperback book?

Your Kindle eBook will match your paperback book as closely as possible. The images will remain the same, however, in some instances, the images may be less clear and the formatting may differ slightly.

Can I make changes to my Kindle eBook?

The Kindle eBook file is the direct conversion of your paperback book. If you would like changes to your Kindle file, they must first be made in your paperback book and then a new Kindle Conversion must be purchased.

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