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Trailer of CGI 3d Animated Short Film " TAVOLSAG ( Distance ) " by Mohammad Malak & Team. Watch the full film at

FILM SYNOPSIS: Távolság (spelled: Tavolshag, is a Hungarian word means Distance). The amount of work which was done in this project is priceless, through it the set of skills and talent of these artists who worked on it. This project wasn't about the level of details to the 3D models, the textures or environment, as much it was about the feelings which was presented by these characters.

This heart captivating dance was inspired by Kori Wakamatsu choreography and the work of Ryan Woodward 2D animation 'The thought of you', as it provokes the love in distance. Távolság represents a collaboration of 5 years, across 8 countries, to show “how distance and longing can empower our true feelings”. Because without distance, we can never know the true meaning of love.

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TAVOLSAG (2017) Animation, Love Story, All Ages
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FILM CREDITS: SYNTAX CGI presents Tavolsag. Created by Mohammad Malak. Original Soundtrack by The Cinematic Orchestra performed by the British jazz/electronic group, Walt Disney Records.

3D Character Artists : Alexander Tomchuck, Arek Tomaszewski, Mikhail Korovyansky. 3D environment by EVERMOTION : Rafal Waniek .A.K.A Edi, Pawel Gajlewicz, Krzysztof Kundzicz, Adam Kozlowski. Title sequence 3D environment by Mohannad Khamra. FX TD & Hair & Cloth simulation by Artur Malczyk. Smoke & Particle FX Artist Slawomir Malinowski. VFX Supervisor Mohammad Malak. Animation Supervisor : Michal Hrydziuszk. Mocap refine and hand animation: Marek Tatar.
Motion Capture by DIGIC Motion / DIGIC Pictures Budapest : Alex S. Rabb, Csaba Kovari, Istvan Gindele, Istvan Zsoter, Eszter Bohus.
Choreography by BUDAPEST TANCSZINHAZ / DEPO DANCE : Foldi Bela, Kori Wa, Mohammad Malak. Dancers : Tamas Kiss, Dzsenifer Vattai. Cinematography / Compositing: Mohammad Malak, Slawomir Malinowski. Special thanks to Ramzan Alnoimi, Aljazeera Network, Michal Hrydziuszko, Artur Malczyk, Adam Skorupa & Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz, Antal Szuzanna, Karsten Muller.

Chaos Group / V-ray: Javid Imanov | Software & license support at chaos group: vray, Kalina Panteleeva | Render supervisor & CG specialist. Alexander Karakashev | Channel Partner Marketing Expert. Syntax CGI team, with the association of Chaosgroup, DigicPictures,Ephere Ornatrix, and Autodesk conceived and coordinated the creative technical input and output to this unprecedented collaboration to deliver a beautiful piece of art. At Digic Pictures the set of Motion Capture data was completed in accordance with a real dancer’s performance to form the basis for the later animations, so the virtual movement of these dancers are a perfect match of the real thing.

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