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A Book for Fun and Learning !

The Ultimate Anthony Geoffroy Caricature Collection of World Famous Actors, Singers and celebrities will help ou Become a better artist!. Laugh your way through 80 pages of hilarious content and innovative QR videos. 136 illustrations, 70 pencil sketches, 30 QR Code reference Videos and tips & techniques from Geoffroy & world's renowned cariacture artists.

- 80 pages of hilarious content and innovative QR videos
- Unpublished CARICATURES !
- Preparatory sketches
- Tips and tricks of the trade
- 3 Videos tutorials (6 Hours worth of lessons)
- QR codes to the first few minutes of the video tutorial lectures available when you purchase the Digital Version of this book (6 hrs worth of lessons)

In addition I've invited m artist and friends to share their portfolios with ou. Jason Seiler, Court Jones, Dominic Philibert, Wouter Tulp, Patrick Brown, Alberto Russo, Tae Soo-Kim, Jeff Stahl

Book available in English only, videos tutorials in English/French/Spanish
Also available in Digital Version with the videos tutorials in FULL

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A Look Inside The Book


About The Author

I’m a French Illustrator and Graphic Designer, I was born in Chalon-sur-Saône, France in 1983 and currently reside in Lyon, France. Ever since I was a kid I always handled a pencil better than a pen and it has never left my side. I was self-trained and my inspiration for drawing came from everything I saw and it’s even more-so today. I diversified my techniques for better learning and I shifted from drawing to painting and then digital painting. All this was motivated by my passion and a need to always excel. My sources of inspiration are movies, art books, some comics, and even music, anything that gives me an artistic sensibility.

Caricatures have always attracted and amused me, while attending high school I learned a lot by drawing them. You would find me drawing caricatures of my teachers all the time. Drawing caricatures allowed me to train myself and not be afraid to hesitate at the stroke of a pencil and to distort what I observed... and it was a good way to learn to draw and enough to achieve convincing results. Jean Mulatier (French Caricature Artist & Illustrator) is one of my great inspirations along with Sebastian Krüger (German Caricature Artist & Illustrator). Once I saw their work I was completely blown away which forced me to push the realism and details on my own caricatures. Now, even though I love caricatures, I specialize in other forms of illustrations as well. I’m every eclectic in my work and do a diversity of projects that challenge me. I try to choose a fairly wide range of projects ranging from advertisements, cartoons, comic strips, heroic fantasy, logos for companies and model sheets for 3D animators. 


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