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The Book is Spanish only. English version is in production.

Walter Fornero es un Artista completo, maneja diferentes técnicas en la ilustración, el retrato y otras temáticas como Bodegones, Arte Ecuestre y Paisajes. Gran Caricaturista y Retratista considerado entre los mejores de la actualidad.Trabajo como

Animador y Asistente de Animacion, en diferentes producciones para diferentes países entre ellos estudios importante como, Disney, Cartoon Network ,(EEUU) ,Filmax  (España) Cosgroove, (Inglaterra),  Atenas (Italia) y estudios de Latinoamerica. En la actualidad trabaja como freelance ilustrador, para diferentes revistas de Latinoamerica. Recibiendo encargos de clientes particulares de varios países, siendo un Artista muy cotizado y buscado por su excelencia en sus trabajos de minuciosa terminación. 

Book available in Spanish only, Preorder English version soon.
Also available in Digital Version with the videos tutorials in FULL

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About The Author

Walter Fornero was born in the city of Ceres , Santa Fe. He moved to Rosario, Spain where he completed his academic studies in various courses and workshops. He is however a self taught artist. Fresh out of school Walter launched an animation studio called "Animatoon". His success landed him production contracts abroad ( Europe, Canada , USA ) as an Animator in different movies and TV shows. He has worked on projects for Disney , Cartoon Network, Filmax , Rainbow , Athens , Milliliters , Cosgroove Hall and companies that include Hook Up , Bujos , Animatoon and Patagonik.

Walter's illustrations have been featured in many national productions and advertisement campaigns. His work graced the cover of 2015 published book ROBIN: Fan & Art Tribute Book to Robin Williams. His profile has also been showcased in various journals and art magazines including " Faces and Masks " and "Very Interesting ". He curates several exhibitions of his and fellow artists artwork in Argentina , Brazil and Chile and teaches online and offline workshops on " Artistic Drawing " and "Cartoon Drawing" around the world. Walter Fornero published his first art techniques book: Walter Fornero - Arte en Caricaturas (Espanol).




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