Enjoy hilarious CGI Animated Short film OUR WONDERFUL NATURE by Tomer Eshed. Featured at Mad Artist Publishing and MAP Youtube Channel

FILM SYNOPSIS: Never Before Seen Footage of The mating behavior of the water shrew

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OUR WONDERFUL NATURE (2008) Comedy, Romance, Action
Produced at HFF Konrad Wolf | Academy for Film and Television Potsdam - http://www.hff-potsdam.de  

FILM CREDITS: Written, directed and animated by Tomer Eshed, Technical director and rendering by Dennis Rettkowski, Set Design by Jan Schneider, Score composed and orchestrated by Stefan Maria Schneider, Sound Design by David Ziegler, Music Mix by Alexei Ashkenazy, Foley Artist Gunther Rohn, Graphic Design by Basics09

AWARDS: Hamburg Animation Award, 2008: second prize and audience award; bitfilm 08 -- Digital Film Festival Hamburg, 2008: first prize in the 3D category; SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles, USA, 2008: special well-told fable prize; International Documentary and Animated Film Festival Leipzig, 2008: prize for the best German animated film; Brief Encounters Short Film Festival, Bristol, England, 2008: 4Mations International Newcomer Award; Short Tiger Award 2008; Anima Mundi, International Animation Festival, Rio de Janeiro, 2009: best student film -- audience award of the city of Rio de Janeiro; 36th Annual Student Academy Awards, Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA: nomination for Student Academy Award 2009

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