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ANIMATION STORIES is the ultimate collection and guide to 2D, 3D, VFX animated shorts by students, schools and independent artists. We've scoured the globe for 168 top shorts and provided you with playable links to each. Get the DIGITAL Version of this book and easily interact with the urls within the page and watch the videos right from the book.

Learn about the best Art & Animation Schools and read Interviews with Oscar nominated directors and animators. You'll enjoy short films ranging from fantasy, Comedy, Family, Horror, Suspence and Terror. Candid Interviews with Saga of Biorn Team, Mac n Cheese Team, Oktapodi's Julien BocaBeille, Dylan Kurp, Grzegorz Jonkajtys, Corallo Cyril and Carlos Lascano. You'll find many resources that will make your life easier. The interactive QR Codes will allow you to play each film on your mobile device anywhere anytime (with internet access).

Some worthy mentions of films are The Animation Workshop's BACKWATER GOSPEL &  SAGA OF BIORN, Utrecht School of the arts' MAC N CHEESE, Goeblins' OKTAPODI, Sheridan's LITTLE ICARUS, Vancouver Film School's THE SWITCH, AnimationMentor's GREED, Grzegorz Jonkajtys' LEGACY, Supinfocom's YANKEE GAL, School of Visual Arts' KIWI! & RABBITKADABRA!, Ringling School of Art and Design's ORIGINS, California Institute of the Arts' SECOND WIND, ESMA Montpellier's MYTHO LOGIQUE & MORTYS, ArtFX's THE ARCHIVER and REVERSO, Filmakademie's LOOM, IsARTDigital's SKID, Ecole George Melies' PARIGOT, CentreNAD's  WIPEOUT and independent shorts like ROSA, CABLE, THE NIGHT OF ALL FEARS, THOUGHT OF YOU, ROBBY and THE PASSENGER with many many more films you'll love. 

Our QR technology allows the reader to use their phones/tablets to scan little squares on the pages and access hidden and bonus content inside the book that is cross linked with the social website


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