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At Mad Artist Publishing we showcase and promote talent and creativity. This means sharing knowledge with the next generation of film-makers, artists, animators or illustrators. If you have been invited to be featured on our Mad Artist Publishing podcast or would like to be interviewed for our popular channel with 125 Million views and future digital and offline books and publications. 

This page will outline the procedures and answer all your questions prior to the interview.

Our YouTube audience is composed of 371 000+ engaging creators, artists, illustrators, film-makers, film-directors, creative directors, animators, vfx artists, producers, advertising executives. If you have been invited and are discussing a short film, vfx project, commercial, upcoming crowdfunding campaign, a comicbook, a publication, the trailer or film itself must be featured on channel prior to the interview, if you have not filled out the submission form, do it here. If you have not been invited by our team, please fill out our Contact Form and tell us about your project for consideration. 


There are two ways of conducting Interviews and producing it for our channel; Video Interview and Pre-Recorded interview. The first and most preferred methos is to schedule a video interview where one of our hosts talks to you via webcam and asks the questions and gets to know you.  The second way is to pre-record your video answers offline from the interview questions we would email to you or your company. This allows your studio or marketing team to gather the correct answers to promote your company or studio strategically and is most often used during sponsored interviews. Once your video answers are complete, you will send a downloadable url to us and we will produce the videos that way. 

Things to Consider for Video Interview:

  • Video conferencing software used is, make sure it is installed on your machine or mobile device.
  • You will be provied an email with Zoom ID to connect to approximately 60 minutes before the interview.
  • Ensure you are in a well lit room with no loud noises (busy coffee shop won't work for example).
  • Your phone screen or webcam orientation should be landscape mode not portrait mode.
  • Your host will be recording on an offline camera and well hide the video camera if there is a connection lag.
  • If you wish to repeat an answer during the interview, let your host know and he will re-ask the question.
  • The Host will Save Capture Every 15 minutes, this will require Ending Meeting. They will email another ZOOM ID to continue.
  • Let your host know in advance of anything you wish plugged or promoted to work into conversation.
  • Be yourself and have fun!

Things to Consider for Pre-Recorded Interview

  • Ensure you are in a well lit room with no loud noises (Unless you are using a dedicated microphone to tune out busy noises).
  • Follow the interview questions that were provided to you when filming.
  • If you wish to promote something not in the Question sheet, provide the question to be asked, followed by the answer on video.
  • Your phone screen or camera orientation should be landscape mode not portrait mode.
  • Your video answers must be recorded in resolution no less than 1280x720HD 30fps. 1980x1080P Recommended.
  • State the question on video, pause for 2 seconds and provide your answer. Record maximum of 3 answers per video.
  • You must trim/edit your answers before sending them, only submit final video answers as we will use them as they are.
  • Provide a downloadable link via WETRANSFER, DROPBOX to your final HD Videos.
  • Be yourself and have fun!


What Happens After The Interview?

Once the interview wraps up, within 30 minutes of the interview being completed, you will receive a Thank you email, should there be any technical issues with the video you will be notified at the time and have the option to re-schedule a reshoot if required. If there are no issues, you will receive the link to the videos once they become available or be asked for additional reference materials for post production which you should provide within 72 hours of completing the video to Additional materials may include demo reels, things referenced in the interview, overlay graphics to keep video engagement, please note all material copyright must be cleared for publishing and video usage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is a benefit of an Interview?
As a brand, studio, agency or a person , you will receive publicity, positive press via professional video maketing production and back-links to your search engine optimized interviews, article and social media posts across our social networks. Our promotional materials often lead to additional leads by potential employers or individulas wishing to hire you or your services. The benefits are different for different individuals. 

Q. How are the Interviews Contacted and How Long is the interview?
A. We have two ways of conducting Interviews. First way is to pre-record your answers to our interview questions and providing us a downloadable URL to save the videos and merge them with out video questions in post production. The second preferred option is to conduct a video conference Interview with one of our hosts via video conferencing. 

Q. Do you have examples of Interviews
Interview with Director's of SIGHT Film: 
Interview with Director's of THE HERD Film: 
Interview with Animator Zachary Morawiec:
Interview with Director of CGI Film ED: 

Q. Can we interview myself and partner on the project seperately? 
A. Unfortunately we can only do one video production per invite, however if you see a benefit to multiple strategic interviews, we are happy to work with you and work out an advertising campaign that would involve a second interview at a fair price. If we agree to interview multiple persons, we can hold a 3 way video interview with each person at their location in a single conference. However we recommend if you have more than one person involved, we create a separate interview for each person.

Q. What times and dates do you schedule Interviews at?
A. We Interview our guests throughout the month, we try to work with your schedule but mostly conduct them during the work day office hours. If you need to conduct the meeting early in the morning, after work or on the weekends, let us know and we will try to accomodate you.

Q. Will I see the interview questions beforehand?
A. You will have a change the offer Creative Direction before the interview is published online if you are a studio or a faculty or the interview is sponsored. If you are promoting a short film or an artist or creater, you will have a chance at the end of the interview to let us know if you wish anything removed from the interview, once the interview is edited, it will be released on the channel. All our interviews are carefully reviewed to ensure you are promoted in the positive light. If there is copyright issues with content used within the interview, we will take action after the video is published to remove or republish it to meet all copyright standards.  

Q. Will I see the interview questions beforehand?
A. The interviews with Student Film Maker, Studio Heads, Faculty and Artists are conducted by our hosts which are trained at asking industry specific questions and focus on the technicality of the project or film. As we try to keep the interviews informal and engaging we don't follow an order of questions, however take a look below for common questions you may be asked.

Q. Do you need any media from me to illustrate the interviews?
A. During the interview you may be asked questions that can benefit from overlay imagery or videos to engage the viewers better, if this is the case please attach them to an email sent to after the interview to include them in post-production.  video-holding-interview2

Ask your question below and we'll get back to you shortly.