Mad Artist Publishing offers a wide range of publishing and promotion services for authors, self-publishers and indie publishers. MAP provides author marketing, book publicity and social media optimization which most authors overlook. 

MAP helps clients hone their book’s message, evaluate their publishing options, choose a strong title and a book cover, build an author platform, and develop targeted, cost-effective strategies for marketing and promoting their books.

Our team gives each client individual attention, and will work closely with you to make sure that our copywriting, editing and advice reflect your vision of your book. 

Example of Publishing & PR Package Advertorial - Professionally Publish Your Book. Increase your product sales and credibility. 

Copywriting and Editing Services

We're certain your book is perfect, however our experienced copywriters, authors and publicists can further distill your message and translate it into a compelling copy. With so much competition in the printed sector and online with 3 million new e-books published daily, it's crucial your book's message is concise and marketable. You can use this copy on your book covers, brochures, ads, websites and press releases.

We are a huge proponent of independent publishing, traditional publishers keep nearly 90% of royalties and it's as competitive to make as it is in the self publishing market. Traditional publisher's business is to understand what copy sells and which doesn't and our editors can evaluate and polish your manuscript, articles, websites and other materials, ensuring that they are clearly written, enjoyable to read, and free of typos and grammatical errors. 

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Marketing & Publicity

Most people purchase products from trustworthy and known vendors, companies and individuals. Author marketability and credibility is of utmost importance and what sells your book. Being a new author on the block and gaining credibility is one of the most challanging things as an author. Mad Artist Publishing creates instant credibility for its authors through guerilla marketing, social media marketing, guest author endorsements and strategic advertorials on Huffington Post.

People trust credibility and are compelled to purchase from credibile sources liked by others. MAP will drive SEO traffic to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube book trailer. 

 provide thousands  ou would more likel eat a cookie from  You would a stranger eat a cookie from you? Probably not, however if 1023 strangers gave you a positive review that same stranger most likel would as well. If you're still reading, it's because something we said resonates with you and you would like to know more. Mad Artist Publishing provides personal branding, marketing and promotion services.

Mad Artist Publishing built it's business on marketing it's products and partnering with strategic news outlets that can help struggling authors and artists become credible to get their books out into the world. MAP is partnered with world's largest newspaper and online news outlet with a readership of 7.8 million. 

MAP editors have the privilige to write press releases for our authors and clients in the Entertainment column of The Huffington Post, this bringy eyeballs and instant credibility to your website and book. Depending on the publishing package you choose Mad Artist team will write book reviews, advertorial or offer SEO backlinks leading to your purchase page or Amazon. Everything you can share with our social media will create credibility that you require to get into other media outlets. 

Bloggers can be a powerful way to spread the word about your book but too few authors know how to find the most appropriate ones and how to approach them. Collective Book Promo. Mad Artist Publishing Offers Self-Publishing in US & Canada, Book Printing, Binding, eBooks.

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