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PORTRAITS is my new book illustrated in full color, Fantasy Art genre. All the characters are portrayed by the brush of an artist (my brushes) rather than a photographer, from there the book title. They show themselves in their natural attitudes and environment, which is an uncertain time (you do not know if it is the past, present or future. Here, there ... or maybe under your feet, now. Or maybe somewhere in your kitchen...).

The characters and situations are not taken from any story, ethnic tale or folk (except some personal visions of mythological creatures like dragons, fauns and centaurs, included in a special section). The comprehensive project is pure product of my imagination and the primary objective is to make a visual display of the old way paintings (Baroque tenebrism paintings perhaps) in this case made with modern techniques, encouraging the artistic value of the combination of painting with illustration. The fundamental message of the book is LOVE, harmony among species, however different they can be,the duality of beauty and uglyness) and a primary message of PEACE, especially on these times of battles, violence and "visual pyrotechnics", as we can see in general on everything related to the genre. A contrast that invites to the breath, relaxation and intimate, without losing the magic of fantasy.

- 126 pages of stunning imagery and fantas artworks
- Unpublished ILLUSTRATIONS !
- Tips and tricks of the trade

 About Author & Artist Fernando Molinari's

All my life was dedicated to different ways of art exploration, but drawing was the main channel of focus from my childhood. After technical advertising studies in high school in Buenos Aires, with the years and practically self taught went on to become into professional illustration and painting, being different ways of exploration and self-expression.

I did extensive work illustrating numerous book covers (including Anne Rice's "Lasher"), picture books, magazines, stories, etc for different media and publishing houses, in my country and abroad, such as Planeta, Atlántida, Billiken, Continente, Emecé, Alfaguara, Aguilar, Kier, Conozca Más magazine, Casares Grey agency, Metropolitan theater, etc. Also for Stone Arch (USA), Renaissance House Publishers (USA), McGraw-Hill (Mexico), Ford Street Publishing (Australia), Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (USA), Ravensburger (Germany), Piñata Books (USA), Templar Publishing (England), QED Publishing (UK), PS Publishing (UK), Miles Kelly Publishing (UK), among others. Throughout 2002 I developed diverse activities in the United States, being the guest of honor at Leprecon 28 (Convention of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art in Phoenix,Arizona) where I presented my Gallery of Horrors and participated in several events, getting mentions and awards. I was also a member of the Henderson Art Association in Nevada, exposing in various cultural spaces my Jazz Art Gallery, among other works.

The most notable works are my books of magic beings, focusing thus, in the Fantasy Art genre as my peak of expression, counting with a large audience of followers in Latin America and Spain. "The Magical World of Fairies" (Ediciones Continente), is considered in Mexico cultural heritage of the main national libraries. Some of my latest picture books of the genre have been "Fairies" and "Giants" (QEB Publishing, UK), belonging to a collection of magical stories, myths and legends. Also I point proudly my collaboration on Ari Berk's "Hobgoblins" (Templar, UK), where I have the pleasure of working large with the legendary Tolkien illustrator ALAN LEE, among other renowned artists of high experience in the subject. I am also professor of drawing, illustration and traditional art techniques, forming students in my workshop in Buenos Aires, continuously since the late 90's.Fantasy on stage is the art event I expose in public, where I develop the techniques of drawing and illustration on a multimedia audiovisual show. I have also made several appearances on TV in Argentina, where I presented my art, discussing and doing visual demonstrations of my techniques.

A Look Inside 'Fantastic Worlds of Magic Beings - Portraits - With Fernando Molinari'



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