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This Steve Jobs Artist tribute is simply hilarious, provocative and imaginative. 190 of the world’s most renowned artists pay respect to the man that changed everything in this one of a kind innovative book. STEVE JOBS: ARTIST TRIBUTE is a beautifully put together collection of drawings, illustrations, mixed media, 3d, traditional & digital paintings and videos of Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs. Just as the Apple culture unites the world with its technology, this book unites the world with creativity and human emotion. Learn about thehistory of Apple products from beginning to end and enjoy our special innovative features in the book. 

Scan QR Codes to play videos of steve and making-of the images right from the book. Network and connect with the artists, that include Jason Seiler, Dominic Philibert, Aaron Kizer, Seto Buje, Wouter Tulp, Fabio Barba, Paul Szep, Mohammed Elhussieny, Bryant Arnold, Charis Tsevis, Guy Whitby many more.  As a bonus enjoy 8 animated films from our animation stories book. Mr. Jobs was an American icon and among the greatest visionaries of our time, gone much too soon...

Talent Includes: Abdelrahman Kubisi, Fivi Fithrianty, Jana Rucceck, Bashir Sultani, Seikou Yamaoka, Joe Cummings, Joe Cummings, Cyril Brenner-Loegel, Dominic Philibert, Pablo Rosendo, Marco Calcinaro, Andy Davey, Mark Hammermeister, Ariel Medel, Kacey Schwartz, John Paul S. Pabrua, Mohammed Elhussieny, Mihir Malavia, Vincent Altamore, Gilbert Daroy, Carlos Joaquin, Sam Lea, Chris Wahl, Fernanda Suarez, Haychel, Jason Seiler, Jordi Ayguasenosa Jara, Wouter Tulp, Carlos Rubio, Paco Medina, Joan Vizcarra, Mennatullah Hossam, Gerald Schaffner, Christian Mauerer, Andreas Kopp, Vimal Karketta, Lucille Umali, Lucas Icasatti,Mahesh Nambiar, Gilberto Bobadilla de Anda, Faabio Barba, Bashir Sultani, Gregbo Watson, Randy McDonald, Yazan Khalifeh, Seto Buje, Alex Cherry, Andrian Munoz, Marcelo Meneer, Vimal Chandran, Abdo Abo Bakr, Banda Yeh Bhagvandas, Dennis Multari, Jean-Marc Borot, Scott R. Sullivan, Cody Shank, Kaexi Ng, Alix van Möoiterr, Jamie Ortega, Brian Carroll, Bryant Arnold, Anand Kumawat, Fitch Chang, Alaa Elbadry, Ibrahim Khan, Paul Szep, Ram?nas Vaitkus, Edgar Salm, Zach Trenholm, Andres Alvez, Mike Graessle, Chris Inton, Ignacio Hinojosa, Rulo Cristobal, Miki Kobayashi, Eric Palma, Santosh Redekar, Mark Dickson, François Bélair, Leonardo Rodriguez, Alfredo Caceres, Andrés Robero, Kravmaga Sreeram, John Bautista, Antonio Ramírez Gastón Revelli, Rakesh Sharma, Denis Milavi?, Jasper Andries, Sheriff El, Gergely Bacsa, Leo Atelman, Dan Harbord, Christian Fleg Daigle, Fábio Oliveira, Sabareesh Ravi, APH, Alesandri Euler Huaman Sal, Mecho Art, Dan Hay, Julien Viot, Juan Gha El Cinco, Hanif Bahari, Camilo A Triana, Avinash Vik, Serafin Ureno, Christian Garduno Ortiz, Garrett Morlan, Leo Urias, Jason Horning, Caricaturist Sugumarje, Marty'nas Juchnevi?ius, Rio Shuvo, Federico Cecchin, Carrera Arcangelo, Peter McDonnell, James Brunner, Scott Zambelli, Pavan Kumar Tiruvaskur, Raju Matcha, Ben Bloss, Jean Deras, Guy Whitby, Guy Whitby, Charis Tsevis, José Reis, Aakreit Sachdeva, Muhammed Zahran, Dylan Roscover, Alberto Russo, Harley Liao, Shankar Pamarthy, Kyran Sumner, John Jairo Gomez, Joen Yunus, Floydman Sumner, Nishanth Thachambalath, Márcio Diemer, Damien Jones, Antonio Bottone, Leo Rnr Giordano, Guillermo Contreras, Saadet Demir Yalç?n, Euan Mactavish, Manoj Sinha, Fernando Ferreiro, Salvador Navarro, Warren Louw, Lariz Santos, Ted Miller, Andre Koekemoer, Jumaane Sorrells, Bogdan Covaciu, Grégory Gouzy, Chris Matthews, Micha Cohen, Gautam Tankaria, Alesandri Euler Huaman Sal, Oliver Wetter, Johannes Leak, Benjamin Ziegler, Rethish Ravi, Antonio Durán Andúj, David Prada, Luis Eduardo Leon, Mark Grant, Onofre Alarcon, Ernesto Priego, Bertrand Daullé, Shesh Kiran, Rúbel Jesús Mujica León, Tom Delheimer, Sergio Alfredo Morales Domínguez, Denis Mohr, Tomoko Ogawara, José Manuel Rodriguez Berge, Takashi Yamazaki, Chong Jit Leong, Jiwenk Wae, Marian Avramescu, Gaston Lopez, Guillermo Contreras, Jhotta Melo, Yves Demers, Maria Picassó Piquer, Juan Solorzano, Bryant Arnold, Howard McWilliam, Corey Cooley, Hary Udanto, Fabian Rastorfer, Nicholas Arciero, Huilin Dai, Jack Bruunhammond, Alfonso Fernández Menéndez, Koichi Momiyama, Izidro Santos, Elena Ospina, Nervaa 


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